Reading experiment gone wrong: Intervention of the ‘Young Adult’ Novel

Subject started off reading all three styles of books- poetry, novels and audiobooks. All reading material was recorded on the Goodreads app with a star rating out of 5. However, the subject started to lose motivation to read after about the first six weeks of the challenge. They reported not having the three factors of time, energy and excitement to attempt to add more books to their 2016 total. Subject appears to be caught in a ‘reading slump.’

Note: Interestingly, subject took the procedural advice of ‘book buying’ quite literally, with countless books being purchased without any of them being read… Continue reading

Autobiographies and memoirs- jumping head first into a new literary genre…

As an individual who prides herself on a deep love for reading, there has been one genre which I have blatantly been walking passed in the bookstore for 23 years of my life. That section happens to be Autobiographies, Biographies … Continue reading