Rebuilding my “reading fitness”- “New Adult” literature and breaking a reading slump…


It’s been a while since I have found any sort of inspiration to write a cheeky blog post. The past few months I had been caught up in a new and very exciting teaching job which took up my already non existstant social life and any spare time I had lying around to craft a piece of writing. Alas, I have missed this platform to express my adoration for books of all shapes and sizes and it was time to come back to writing. When I started ‘Miss Book Dependent’ in my quest to become a more mindful and well read individual, I absolutely loved finding the time to sit down and write about a new and exciting read or bookish topic that excited me. I loved setting myself personal happiness and reading goals and communicating with other readers. Now that I have had a break I feel more recharged and invigorated to read and write more fluently. I  thought that italic be very fitting to explore in this post the rapid decline of my personal reading fitness and how I managed to get it back. 🙂

I been going through what most bibliophiles would recognise as a “reading slump.” A reading slump can be loosely defined by me as “an extended period of time where a reader goes without inspiration or excitement for a story.” Common expressions can be “caught in a reading rut” and stumbling upon book lovers wandering aimlessly through bookstores.  Don’t get me wrong dear reader I didn’t stop reading completely, but I just hadn’t found a story in the last three months that didn’t leave me deep #literaryfeels

I had not found any books that excited me enough to tear my tiring eyes away from marking essays. I did manage to read a few Gayle Forman YA novels (‘Just one day’, ‘Just one year’ and ‘Just one night’) but these stories felt like “just pointless reads.” (Sorry Gayle, I am a huge fan of Mia and Adam and also your novel ‘I was here.’) I was reading for the sake of reading to help me fall asleep at night. And also the Gayle books made me a little depressed that I wasn’t eating baguettes in Paris as I do indulge in regular daydreams where I am both travelling overseas and devouring carbohydrates…

This is not the first time I have lost my reading fitness. Studying literature at university I was completely absorbed by school book lists. I remember the book that saved me from this saga was Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl.’ I sped read through it in three days and was begging my boyfriend to see the movie with me. Thank you Amy and Nick you pair of psychos for te commencement of another book slaying! 🙂

I have managed to stay current in the #bookstagram community on Instagram these last few months, posting numerous staged and dorky photos that allowed me to have a few moments away from my never ending pile of work. Any outlet is a good one and for me sharing my photos with other book lovers through my account @missbookdependent is a sneaky bit of nerd fun.

My book bunny Arnold whispering positive reinforcement terms to me as I'm building reading fitness...

My book bunny Arnold whispering positive reinforcement terms to me as I’m building reading fitness…

I felt like a high school student again with the arrival of the school holidays. I was actually relieved to just have a sleep in and for the past few weeks of holidays I have done nothing but devour books. Jim Henson should create a younger sibling for Cookie Monster called “book barbarian,” to represent me over this holiday; I would be a bright blue creature who speed reads books of all genres. A very educational character I would be on Sesame Street who would not risk frightening young children. But in all seriousness, this holidays has enabled my reading fitness to peak to new levels!

The book that pulled me out of my reading slump was “Ugly Love” written by Colleen Hoover. I had seen this novel posted all over Twitter and Instagram and it appeared to have good book reviews on Goodreads. Normally what brings me out of a reading slump is a friend or loved one shoving a book into my hands screaming “Ashleigh you must read this book stat” and then we have coffee discussing all the pros and cons of the story. This situation however was just a random book that I had waiting for me on my iPad. Try the first 75 pages to adhere to my literary rule and see how it goes…

Bit of a cheeky sidenote, I love reading books that are hip and now, but having absolutely no idea what they are about. In other words, I want to read what everyone else is reading, but want it to be a surprise when I discover what all the fuss is about. I feel I’m not alone in this…

Moving back to “Ugly Love,” the story follows Tate Collins who moves to San Fransisco to live with her brother Corbin. Her interactions with her next door neighbour Miles Archer prove to be a thrilling tale that I could not put down to save myself! It was a story that I would find myself thinking about during the day and spending the extra minute on my work break in an attempt finish the next chapter. It completely took a hold of me. I don’t really like to write to much on the story in my posts, as I just want to push you dear reader into adding this story to your ‘to be read’ pile. I had a brief summer fling with debating whole on high school and would rather give you reasons to read a book rather than spoil all the fun (although we all know people that love doing this. They should be the evil “book barbarians” on Sesame Street. Why am I talking so much about Sesame Street?!) This book got nothing less than five tea cups from me. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

I loved this book so much that I ended up reading another one of “CoHo’s novels called “Confess.” (I feel so hip and now that I know the abbreviation of Collen Hoover’s name) I did not enjoy “Confess” as much as “Ugly Love,” but the book grabbed a hold so tight on me still that I finished it in less than a day! Talk about reading fitness. I just could not put this sucker down as I had to know what happened next. I love Colleen Hoover’s knack for story telling and original ideas for writing. I gave this story four tea cups ☕️☕️☕️☕️

‘CoHo’ introduced me to the genre of “New Adult” books, stories that are targeted towards twenty something’s detailing real life issues and dilemmas that I found very easy to relate too. Don’t get me wrong I love a good YA book, but it’s really nice to see the mature themes blossom through the New Adult Genre.

It’s actually been nice to step away from reading so intensely for a while. I go through stages like this quite regularly and it actually helps me to appreciate a good book when I stumble upon one. It feels really good that I have been able to focus on increasing my reading fitness and has really helped me appreciate the time I put aside to read. And when I do let myself become “unfit” (it’s the reality) I will enjoy the process of being able to fall in love with books all over again. It is the cyclic process of all book worms…

I am very curious to hear if anyone else has gone through their own period of a “reading slump?” What story it was that was able to reignite your love for reading?

For now dear reader, happy reading,

Miss Book Dependent xo

4 thoughts on “Rebuilding my “reading fitness”- “New Adult” literature and breaking a reading slump…

  1. This is such an amazing post. I really love your blog so much and in turn cannot stop reading all of your posts! Please don’t stop writing!


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