My blind date with a book


I speak for all the conservative people of the world when I say my reckless streak only appeared after my teenage years passed. I was always a good girl at school and absolutely loved learning. It’s probably the reason why I studied to become an English teacher. However, last year the most reckless purchase of my life has in my very humble opinion turned into one of the most brilliant decisions of my life. Last year, my boyfriend was going through a stressful time and with my mind suffocated with pressures of university, I decided that I would fix it. The woes of people pleasing. I obsessed over the idea for less than twenty four hours before I had made up my mind. I made my way to a local rabbit breeder and purchased a little dwarf lop. The cutest bunny rabbit in the universe. Such an impressive purchase in itself, as it was the weekend of Easter. I had no idea about rabbits, except that Beatrix Potter wrote a very successful tale about one Peter Rabbit. But I knew this little bunny would make my boyfriend so happy and I had to take him home. We have had our little Arnold (Yes, named after Mr Schwarzenegger himself!) for over a year now and this little lop has brought so much happiness to our lives. We both also pride ourselves on our ability to become equipped with every single piece of knowledge it takes to raise a rabbit. It’s funny when I think about it, if I had never had the impulse to something outrageous, he may have never even been purchased. Coincidentally, the day I went to purchase him, he was almost given away to a local Kindergarten, where snotty children would pull and poke his beautiful long ears. I like to think that my reckless purchase gave him a much more luxurious existence.


Arnold being spoilt on Christmas day last year.

My random reckless behaviour continues to resurface from time to time. For a person who never had the desire to travel, I went on three overseas trips over an eighteen month period. I have manage to temporarily tame my inner travel bug for now as I am trying to save to buy a house. However, as of the other night’s retail therapy I am happy to report that this reckless streak has awoken Frankenstein’s monster style. For dear reader, I have just been on a blind date with a book. Yes, you have read correctly, a book blind date. Forget tinder book loving community, this is the only mystery you need in your lives.

While shopping at Robinson’s bookstore in Melbourne, I stumbled upon a stand of wrapped books, with only three descriptive words on the cover. It may sound very shallow to admit dear reader, but I am guilty of falling into the seducing trap of judging a book by it’s cover. I am even going to admit that some of my favourite book series were only purchased because the covers were pretty (Richelle Mead’s Vampire academy series, I am talking to you.) I do find myself purchasing from the same genre of books- Young Adult fiction is my absolute favourite. So a blind date with a book was exactly the  experience I needed to push myself out of my reading comfort zone.


I couldn’t resist this alluring invitation

There were a few different options in the store for Blind book dates. There were safe options for an example with descriptive words of Anzac, Coming of Age and Companionship. This was something I knew I could easily enjoy. But, for such a reckless literature experience, I thought why not find the choice with the most exotic words. In the end my choice was Taut, Devisive and Accountable. Much more dangerous.

Before I purchased my blind book date I was already holding a much anticipated read of mine in my book loving arms. Alice Oseman’s ‘Solitaire’ has been seducing me for months with the tagline “This is not a love story.” I have been calling Oseman’s bluff for months and could almost guarantee that it would be a love story and a deep one at that. I ended up putting this book down in exchange for my blind one which was a huge risk. I may not even like this book.

There was also the huge risk that I may possibly already own this book. If that situation did occur, I had already planned in my head that I could re-read the book from an entirely different perspective. But, I was secretly hoping this was an entirely new read! I had even predicted what I thought this book would be about. I felt the words accountable would be exploring a 1950’s woman struggling with her identity to balance a life as a working woman and mother. I also had a theory about the story exploring the inner workings of a cult or religion. My imagination was running wild!

So you’re probably wondering what book I had for my date. I purchased the book on Friday night and had it sitting on my bedside table until today on Monday. I was so anxiously excited to open it up and felt adrenaline similar to waiting in line for a roller coaster ride. When I finally opened the book, it was not what I expected at all. The book felt slippery and the type face of the title was raised as I ran my fingers over it. The tagline on the front cover read “Does love mean always telling the truth?”  My first thought was that I would not have ever purchased this book if I was wandering aimlessly through the bookstore, but my god it sounds incredible.

This book was such a spectacular surprise

This book was such a spectacular surprise

The book is called ‘His Other House’ and is written by Australian author Sarah Armstrong. It explores the struggles of a small town couple to become parents using IVF to try to bring their family together. The book was published just this year so it was an extra bonus to get a brand new story as my date! I am so excited to sit down and really get into this story. I also think it sounds like a fantastic story for book club discussion, I already feel that there would be a lot of varying opinions about this story.

A blind date with a book is such a great concept and I am so happy that I gave it a go. I get so caught up in trying to stay current in what everyone else is reading that it was a really enjoyable experience to lean away from the status quo of the reading world for a while. It was really exciting to purchase a mysterious story and I am already planning to do it again in the near future and my loved ones will be receiving these as quirky gifts! I purchased my blind book date from Robinson’s bookstore in Melbourne, but I would hope that bookstores around the world embrace this great activity! Ultimately, this book is a story I may not have even noticed in the bookstore. Sometimes, you need to embrace your inner reckless reader as there are so many hidden literary gems laying waiting for you in the bookstore.

Happy reading,

Miss Book Dependent xo


4 thoughts on “My blind date with a book

  1. I love the way you wrote this!
    I’m still unsure about the “blind date with a book” thing though, mostly because it could be a book I already own… Maybe someday I’ll be reckless enough 😉


    • Myrthe you are so lovely thank you for your beautiful words. i was very unsure about it at first but it was such a unique experience to do! I have not been scared off by it and definitely want to try it again! If you ever get the chance to do it, you should! 🙂


    • It was so much fun 🙂 I wonder if book shops will pick up on the idea? If you ever see one you will have to splurge and do one!


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