Currently Reading Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Eleanor and Park’


In my recent mini book haul purchase, I managed to get my book loving hands on a copy of the bestselling story of ‘Eleanor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell. I have been feeling like the un-coolest kid on the block because until recently I had no idea what this story was about, let alone who Rainbow Rowell was. How embarrassing #literaryconfessions Don’t worry dear reader (and possible admirer of Rainbow Rowell), I am very much up to speed with all things Rainbow now and have learnt she is nothing less than a #literarybabe. I had walked passed and noticed ‘Fan Girl’ in shops before, but I always thought it was a One Direction appreciation novel. I had no idea there was this amazing author out there writing these stories that just completely understand me. It makes me wonder about all the other books, just existing in the universe that I have yet to stumble upon. Ah so many books and just so little time.

Out of all the Rainbow Rowell reads that were on the shelf at Big-W, I was most drawn to ‘Eleanor and Park,’ because it appeared to be a shakeup of the classic “new girl meets boy” situation in all American high school movies. I love when this story convention is approached in a quirky and original way. Also, the cover is just so damn pretty with the blue, white and burgundy colours.  It was also appealing for me that this beautiful love story is set in 1986, as I have always wished I was born in the time period of boom boxes and mixed tapes. I can already imagine how amazing the film version will be for the soundtrack just from Park’s rad taste in music. ‘Eleanor and Park’ follows the unconventional love story of Eleanor and Park who meet at the beginning of the school year. It screams of the emotional uncertainty that every single teenager has or will experience. Rowell doesn’t sugar coat the high school experience and writes from the heart to every misunderstood teenager. In my ‘mini book haul’ post recently I discussed how there was a John Green recommendation on the cover which helped me to purchase the book. I am happy to report that this story is not a rehash of ‘The Fault in our stars’ in any way, shape or form and dances to its own YA literature beat. This story is a split narrative told from the perspective of both Eleanor and Park.


Usually I am not a fan of disjointed story telling this way, I prefer getting to know one literary character but in this books, the duality works. It didn’t take long for me to work out that I couldn’t have loved the writing, story and characters of ‘Eleanor and Park’ any more even if I tried. As soon as I started reading ‘Eleanor and Park,’ I jumped on my iPad and downloaded:


🍵Fan Girl


I am already planning to write a Rainbow Rowell themed blog post when I have finished all of her stories. I am a sucker for young adult fiction, but I found out that Rainbow’s other stories ‘Landline’ and ‘Attachments’ are written for an adult audience! As part of my Month of May Mindfulness challenge, I have been using e-books on my new iPad mini! It may not sound like a challenge to some, but reading from a tablet device is a very foreign activity for me. I’m so old school and am used to the feeling of a paperback in my hands to help me relax. I must admit that this challenge has been a lot easier than I thought it would. I thought the transition from paperback to tablet device would be quite a difficult one and I would feel guilty for betraying my love for real life books. My favourite thing about reading on my iPad is how MANY books I can take with me everywhere. I remember travelling to Cambodia with my best friend and we were collaborating together how many books we should each take so we could swap them with each other throughout the trip. If I had of ‘appled-up’ sooner and bought my iPad, I could have taken as many books as I liked! Reading ‘Eleanor and Park’ has been an enjoyable experience. I started reading it on the weekend and it grabbed my attention very quickly and I am currently about halfway through it. Channeling the 80’s vibe, the story really reminds me of the classic ‘Brat pack’ films such as ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Some kind of wonderful.’ So excited to see how this read unfolds!

What are you currently reading dear reader?

Happy Reading,

Miss Book Dependent xo

5 thoughts on “Currently Reading Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Eleanor and Park’

    • I was exactly the same discovering Rainbow over social media! This book was just brilliant, I hope your Niece falls in love with the story as well xx

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