Falling in love with Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Longest Ride’


One of my favourite things to do is to watch a movie just after I have read the book. I feel sorry for the person who does come with me to the cinemas as phrases such as ‘That wasn’t in the book’ and ‘ooh I like that change’ are on repeat. My latest current read is Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Longest Ride,’ as I wanted to saddle up before the movie was released! #shamelesspun I did recently make a #bookpledge not to purchase anymore books and focus on the books I already had. Not only would this save money but I could actually get around to the books living on my shelf. Dear reader I did plan to stick to this promise, but I had just been paid and couldn’t resist the rush of retail therapy. I even went as far as to break my book buying rule of refusing to purchase movie themed covers. What reckless behaviour! I love the cover and makes me even more excited for the movie!

I was in high school when I first watched Nicholas Sparks’ story ‘The Notebook’ and feel in love with Ally and Noah’s romance. If you haven’t seen it,  This movie inspired me to purchase assorted Nicholas Sparks’ novels from my local bookstore and  ever since been a never ending love affair with his work. I just love how much love he infuses into his story telling. I only hope that there are people in this world who have experienced their own Nicholas Sparks style love affairs.  My obsession with Nicholas Sparks books was running so deep that there came a time a few years ago where I had to stop reading the stories altogether. Don’t get me wrong I love him as an author, but I had read so many of them that eventually they had all blended together and become one giant plague of love stories. It was taking over my ability to enjoy his stories because I felt I was reading the same story with only slight variations. It took me a while to figure out the cure to this novel epidemic and soon realised that if I spaced out the Nicholas Sparks stories, I would ensure more enjoyment from the story. Writing this post I realised I have done exactly the same thing with Jodi Picoult novels. ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ sparked years of reading through all of her stories!

Dear reader, I hope there are other readers who suffer from this issue. I don’t think I have read a Nicholas Sparks novel for over two years, so I think it has been more than enough time for me to delve into his latest story! I am falling back into my old Nicholas Sparks obsessive ways as the other night I purchased a Nicholas Sparks movie called ‘Safe Haven.’ I showered, jumped into my flannelette pyjamas, grabbed some chocolate and watched the movie in bed. It was so relaxing, but I need to remind myself to space the Sparks reads out! I am almost halfway through the book and so far I am extremely impressed. I forgot how much I love that the way that Sparks can interweave multiple stories and points of view together seamlessly. This is why they need to be read in moderation!  The story follows the journey of Ira Levinson and his wife Ruth and the reflection of their romance over the years. I am loving the historical detail of the story as it goes back to detail the characters involvement in World War Two. It is really interesting The story is overlapped by two characters, Sophia and Luke, who meet unexpectedly one night at the after party of a bull riding event. I am getting the sense from the story that while one love story is coming to an end, one is just beginning.

I saw the preview for ‘The Longest Ride’ a few months ago and at the time was halfway through season 3 of Teen Wolf! So, was even more excited that Britt Robertson was the leading lady of the film. Her and Dylan O’Brien are one of my favourite couples in Hollywood so I was super excited that she had been given this role! So, I was surprised that I didn’t pick up this book sooner. If anyone is after a carefree summer read, this is definitely your go to read! I have also been reading it whilst working hectic hours and it has been such a great stress reliever! Really looking forward to writing a book and film comparison asap!

Happy Reading,

Miss Book Dependent xo

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