I feel the need, the need for a ‘speed read.’


I am going to assume that most of you out there can appreciate a cheesy Top Gun Quote. But Maverick and Goose were definitely not feeling the need for a ‘speed read,’ that one is all me. But what on earth is a #speedread? Sit down Kath Day Knight I am not talking about ‘speed reading’, I am actually talking about those filler books in between starting a new book series. Single, stand alone novels. And here’s why I need them in my life. I don’t think I am alone as a victim of falling into the trap of a world consuming, gut wrenching and emotionally wearing series of books. I believe this stems back to my early childhood when I was introduced to the Harry Potter series in grade two. Funnily enough, a lot of my obsession with books stems from this series, almost as if I have been trying to replenish my emotional wellbeing with words. Well done Miss Rowling the Literary Queen of my life. Don’t get me wrong dear reader, I love nothing more in the world than stumbling upon a new book series. The series I am still mourning over is Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’. Clare played her cards right by creating spin off and prequel series to keep her fans oxygenated. Smart woman. However, before I prepare myself for the beginning of a new book series, I need to recharge my literary batteries with a single novel. Currently, my power source of choice is Gayle Forman’s ‘I was here.’ (And maybe those crème eggs in the picture as well…)

I am a huge fan of Gayle Forman’s ‘If I stay’ and ‘Where I went.’ If you asked for me about these two stories I always reply with how it is worth reading ‘If I stay’ just so you could experience ‘Where she went.’ The very first blog post I ever wrote was on ‘Where she went’ and I ended up completely intertwining the movie and the book versions together. This book ‘I was here’ is not to be confused as a new chapter of the Mia and Adam’s love story, but Forman shaking her literary thang to a new beat. “Did you just say thang?” #meangirlsquote Forman has such an cool, calm and collected writing voice that she was actually the perfect candidate to fill my ‘speed read’ brief. However, from the first page I knew that although short, this read in itself was going to be an emotional one:

The day after Meg died I received this letter.

Forman what are you doing to me?! This was supposed to be a one time thing no strings attached? More seriously though, this book deals with the consequences of suicide. For me as a reader, I think Gayle Forman is so brave tackling this issue head on and in a context that is so accessible to the younger generation. To flip the issue and write from the perspective of somebody left behind, I am sensing that Forman wanted to bring light to the importance of forgiveness. Cody the narrator of the story is emotionally vulnerable in her grief over the death of her best friend Meg and it has been interesting to see her character develop throughout the story. I am almost hallway into this story and already I am seeing similarities with this story and John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska.’ The female character that seems to be everybody’s best friend and everyone in love with is the one who is truly suffering the most. It is a reminder to me to never judge a person from what you hear about them or what’s posted on social media. As Forman’s story is told through the perspective of Cody (loving unisex names) it presents a deeper analysis of the aftermath of an event such as this. So far, I am absolutely loving this read. It may have been a lot more emotionally charged than I was prepared for. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who loves John Green stories.

What are your current speed reads?

Happy Reading,

Miss Book Dependent xo

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