Home is where my bookshelf is- my latest happiness read


‘Happier at Home’- Gretchen Rubin I haven’t posted on my blog for a while now because I have been busy with balancing my two jobs and eating far too many Easter eggs. But alas, I am back writing about what I love most and god it feels good. Writing has become very much my ‘me time’ activity and has been a great for anxiety and stress relief. I have selected what I feel is a very appropriate current read for this latest post. In my obsession with Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project,’ I have stumbled upon the sequel called ‘Happier at Home.’ And it is ‘choc a block’ full with pure literary gold. (Seriously I can’t stop thinking about bloody Easter eggs)

‘Happier at Home’ picks up where “The Happiness Project’ left off with Gretchen Rubin wanting to brighten her everyday life through personal reflection and her resolution chart. I am still very early on in the book, but am really enjoying the layout of the book- especially how the story begins in September! So much pressure can be put on the commencement of the New Year, so it is so nice to see that September can pick up the slack. Rubin breaks up her resolutions to focus on a new one each month, which is not only extremely realistic but very structured to read. I am so captivated with Gretchen’s project because of her commitment to finding happiness with what she already has. If something breaks, it is often cheaper and more convenient to replace it entirely. This goes for technology, a relationship or university degree. Rubin reinforces the importance of continually working on what is most important to you personally- whether it be family, friends, career, money or possessions. Such a literary babe.

What I love so much about Gretchen Rubin as an author is her enthusiasm for statistical evidence. As much as I love reading her very entertaining personal anecdotes (she’s effortlessly charming and funny), I can feel through her writing how much she loves to research. Rubin’s obsession with happiness theories and ideas and her commitment to her goals is infectious. I know myself I can become obsessed with anything and everything. I was very recently obsessed with ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series from Cassandra Clare (Such a good series!) I would visit Clare’s website daily, I followed her tumblr and indulged in spin off stories from the series. And then just like that I would move onto my next obsession (I believe it was Gillian Flynn’s novel ‘Gone Girl’- so good!) Rubin’s pursuit to continually improve the quality of her health and happiness is inspiring and I find myself falling very deeply under her happiness spell.

After reading the first chapter on ‘possessions,’ I switched into cleaning freak mode and set upon my room to throw out all the junk I so easily accumulate. It is so easy how the clutter in my room can impact the quality of my happiness. I loved what Gretchen wrote about how one something belongs to you, it becomes harder to let it go because it is so true. From bonus gifts to assignment cover sheets I was astounded to see how much I was holding on to. Nonetheless, as soon as I began to throw things out, it was very difficult to stop!

I only have positive things to say about this book so far (and I know those vibes will continue to grow) and would recommend people from all walks of life. This book is s wonderful because it proves the answer to personal happiness is not overthinking, stressing or worrying but to focus on the simple things in life. Also on a sidenote, Gretchen’s new book ‘Better than Before’ was released yesterday and I can’t wait to have it in my life.

Happy Reading,

Miss Book Dependent xo

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