‘Can you destress with all the colours of the wind?’

Holy guacamole, nothing excited me more as a primary school student than cracking out the old Derwent set and getting stuck into a colouring book. Although indulging in word searches comes in at a close second, in my spare time I always enjoyed a cheeky colouring session. Forget fairies and unicorns, when I was a young lass my favourite pictures to colour in were Marc McBride’s monsters from the covers of Emily Rodda’s epic series ‘Deltora Quest (any DQ fans in the house?) I even owned a books called ‘The Deltora Book of Monsters’ which detailed DIY instructions on how to draw the monsters. Why was I not the coolest kid in school? Thinking back over the years, I cannot pinpoint the exact moment in my life where trying to stay within the lines slipped out of fashion. Probably about the same time when my Mum stopped contacting my exercise books with Disney themed contact. I behave like a sophisticated adult now, who purchases exercise books from Typo with Minnie Mouse pre-printed on the cover. #adultlife

I claim on my blog that I am interested in all types of books and colouring books are no exception. And anything that claims mindfulness benefits I want to know about! Currently trending in mindfulness are anti-stress relief themed colouring books for the busy working folk of the world. Not only is it becoming socially acceptable for the adult community to enjoy a colouring session, but it is extremely calming for the body and mind. By focusing on the movement of the pencil in your hand, it becomes a regimented yet relaxing activity. Illustrators such as Johanna Besford and Emma Farrarons have put together a collection of templates for people all over the world to scribble in. I think it is an absolutely brilliant concept and am so excited to try it for myself. Well, I have coloured in before, but it ill be interesting to try it as a relaxation technique. I do enjoy the occasional stint in Sudoku, but my brain ends up frying from trying to complete this seemingly impossible task. Colouring seems much more appealing as I can completely zone out from the world in a relaxing way.


When I ventured for a trip down to the bookstore, I was impressed by how wide the selection of adult colouring books are on the market. After spending an unhealthy amount of time browsing through all the titles, I left with my own copy of Johanna Basford’s ‘The Secret Garden’ as pictured above because her designs were my favourite and it was on the bestsellers stand. 💮💮💮 The books illustrations were inspired from her own garden in Rural Scotland. What a cool and quirky lady! I also selected hers because If I do fall in love with mindfulness colouring, there is a sequel called ‘Enchanted Forest’ which looks like so much fun!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to put time aside to try out my new colouring book. I think the best time to do that will be when I am sitting on the couch watching television. I certainly don’t want to transform into an antisocial lunatic who no longer engages in friendly banter with my family whilst flicking between My Kitchen Rules and The Block. (Why are they on at the same time?!) I want to try doing both activities. I am also interested to see how other people in my life respond to me colouring in and if they want to join me. I will commit to finishing five pieces and will see if it helps me to relax. Has anyone out there tried this for themselves? I am so fascinated to hear other people’s experiences.

Happy reading! (And also colouring!)

Miss Book Dependent xo

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